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Santa's New Suit

Page history last edited by Audra May 4 years, 11 months ago

Santa's New Suit

(Collaboration Project)

Grades: K-2

When: December 7-18

Registration Deadline: November 30, 2015

Cost: Free!

Description: Join other classrooms over videoconference to share in this fun and educational project with a Christmas theme! Students will create a new suit for Santa using their imagination then write why they chose that particular suit. Classrooms will then partner up and share their new suits with their partner. 


To register: CLICK HERE!

(This registration link is for Kansas teachers. Out of State teachers will need to go to CapSpace.)


Follow the directions below to join this collaboration. 



Step 1: Register! Click the link above to get registered. Fill out all the information that you can and be sure to list as many dates and times as you can. 

Step 2: Read the book with your class: "Santa's New Suit" by Laura Rader. If you do not have this book, then read the following summary for your class: 

Christmas was quickly approaching! It was time for Santa to get ready for Christmas. Santa looked in his closet. There were many red suits! Some were faded from many uses and some were torn from all the climbing in chimneys. Some even had milk and cookie stains! Sadly, Santa felt tired of red suits. His imagination started to run wild! He imagined a new suit! What kind of suit could he wear? He thought of many colors and styles. A white suit with gold shoes....a black suit with a purple tie....a football jersey with his favorite team...or even a comfy sweater and pajama pants! The possibilities are endless! What should Santa choose to wear? What ideas do you have? In the end, Santa decided that Christmas wasn't Christmas without his traditional red suit. It   

Step 3: Download the Santa Page (below). Each student will need one. You can complete this in class or send it home to be completed with their family. If you send it home, there is a parent letter to download and send home as well (fill out the information then copy for each student).

Step 4: Download the Writing Page (below). Have the students write about the new suit that they chose and why they chose it.

Step 5: You will be matched with a partner class. Be sure to contact your partner teacher to go over any details for the connection. 

Step 6: Connect over video conference to share your suits with your partner class. Take turns displaying new suits and reading stories. 




1. Santa Page: SantaPage.pdf

2. Parent Letter: SantaParentLetter.pdf

3. Writing Page: Santa Writing.pdf




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