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Christmas Tree Project

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My Christmas Tree

(Collaboration Project)

Grades: 3-5

When: December 7-18

Registration Deadline: November 30, 2015

Cost: Free!

Description:  Join other classrooms over videoconference to share in this fun and educational project with a Christmas theme! Students will create a Christmas Tree all about them! They will use their imagination and research skills while coming up with a tree that is specific to them. 


To register: CLICK HERE!

(This registration link is for Kansas teachers Only. Out of State teachers will need to go to CapSpace.) 


Follow the directions below to join this collaboration.



Step 1: Register! Click the link above to get registered. Fill out all of the information that you can and be sure to list as many dates and times as you can. 

Step 2: Read the book with your class: "Christmas Tree!" by Florence Minor & Wendell Minor. If you do not have this book, talk with your class about how unique each tree is and have them imagine if they were a Christmas Tree what would they look like.

Step 3: As a class project or at home, have the student research the different types of trees. There are traditional Christmas trees such as the fur or pine, but there are also many other kinds of trees. Students will get to pick the tree that best suits them. Maybe they love the beach and could choose a palm tree. Trees can be drawn on white copy paper or larger poster paper if desired.

Step 4: After choosing a tree, then the students will need to decorate their trees. Some may have favorite colors or they may prefer the traditional decorations. Decorations will be a reflection the student. Some may like messy, some may like neat and orderly. The decorating is totally up to the student! It's like Charlie Brown's tree compared to Lucy's tree. Everyone is different, unique, and beautiful! The tree may also include a background....on the beach, in the mountains, in a field, or among other trees; this is also a reflection of the student.

Step 5: Once the tree is complete, the students will need to write a short paragraph explaining why they chose the type, style, and decorations for their tree. This doesn't have to be in great detail.

Step 6: You will be matched with a partner class. Be sure to contact your partner teacher to go over details for the connection.

Step 7: Connect over video conference to share your Christmas Trees with your partner class. Take turns displaying the trees and reading the descriptions. 



Parent Letter: ChristmasTreeLetter.pdf




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