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Kites Exchange Project

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Kite Exchange Project!


 April 19-May 7


Join other classrooms across Kansas for a Kite Exchange over

Distance Learning!  

  •  Each class will create a Kite using construction paper and common classroom items (such as cotton, ribbon, string, glue, toothpicks, etc...). Be Creative! Create an original Kite or invent your own! (The kites do not have to be able to fly.)       
  • They will then write directions how they created their Kite and trade them with their partner class via e-mail.
  •  Using the new directions, the classes will create a second Kite.  


During April 19-May 7, partnering classes will connect over IDL to share what their class has created.  Was your class description as detailed as you thought??  Students practice descriptive writing, geometry, teamwork, and following directions.


Grades K-5 

<Registration is Closed>

Cost:  FREE!



For registered participants, you may click the link below to view partner information.

Partner Info



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