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Monster Exchange

Page history last edited by Audra May 4 years, 10 months ago

Monster Exchange Project!


When: October 7-31, 2013

Grades: K-5

Registration Deadline: September 27, 2013  

Cost:  FREE!


Join other classrooms for a Monster Exchange via VideoconferenceStudents practice descriptive writing, geometry, teamwork, following directions, and presentation skills.


To Register Online Click Here: Registration (CLOSED)



Follow the steps below and have fun!


Download this Guide to help you! 

Monster Exchange Guide.docx (Word)

Monster Exchange Guide.pdf (PDF)


Step 1: Register

When you register (click on link above), it is VERY important that you include the dates/times that you will be available during October to have your connection. (*Make sure to include specific dates/times, example: everyday 1:00-3:00; or 10/18, 10/20, and 10/24 at 10:30-11:30.) 


Step 2: Confirm Date/Time

You will receive your partner information by October 7th with the date/time of your connection. It is very important that you communicate with your partner teacher as soon as possbile to ensure you have a quality project and connection! Confirm the date/time with your partner. If this changes, make sure to contact Audra with the new details.


Step 3: Plan with Partner

Once you have the partner's information, contact them to decide how you would like to do the project. Typically, each class will create one group monster with directions. But if you would like to have each student create a monster for the exchange you will need to confirm with your partner. Creating multiple monsters will use more class time, or you could have it assigned as homework to do with their family.


Step 4: Create!

It's time to create your monster! Be Creative! Please use items that are found in the Approved Materials List - Exchange Materials. Create an original monster or invent your own! **Please avoid using materials that your partner will not be able to easily access. If you decided to do one class monster, then you will work with your class as a group to create the monster. Or if you decided to create a class set of monsters, then each student will create their monster.


Step 5: Write Directions

Write the directions to your monster. If each student created a monster, then they will each write their own directions. Or if there is one class monster, then the class may write the directions as a group.


Step 6: Email Directions 

Once you have your monster complete with directions, email the directions to your partner teacher. Please carbon copy Audra May on this email. Also, use a program that most schools would have available: Word (save as doc 98-2003), pdf, or type directions directly into email. Your partner teacher will also email you their directions. 


Step 7: Create 2nd Monster

After you receive your partner's directions by email or off the website, get started creating a second monster based on their directions. You may have decided to create just one or a class set.


Step 8: Connect with Partner

Now you have created 2 separate monsters (or 2 class sets) and you have received a connection date/time. It's time to connect with your partner and share what you have created! Prior to the connection, decide with your partner which class will share first or what format you would like to do during the connection. Most students like to get to know their partner class first. You could begin by a 5 minutes presentation about your school, where you are located, and what makes your community unique. You can include interesting things like regional weather, school lunch, favorites (class book, activities, etc...).


Step 9: Have Fun!

Do your monsters look the same or different? Were your directions as detailed as you thought?? Did they turn out silly? Use the suggested Guide to help you during the connection process. Keep in mind during the project that creating an exact replica is not the point (especially the younger grade levels). Have fun with how classes may have deciphered your instructions differently than you intended. Be able to laugh at mistakes and have a huge imagination! Make sure to take pictures of your class and their monster(s). I would love to share your monster! Email pictures to Audra to see them posted on the website!  



This project is a form of the Monster Mayhem project created by Roxanne Glaser of Whirlidurb: http://www.whirlidurb.com/. Thank you Roxanne for your wonderful ideas and inspiration!




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