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  Welcome to

South Central Kansas Distance Learning Network!  





  • Zoom - To find out more about Zoom or installing it in your district contact Audra
  • Program Registration: To register for a special program, CLICK HERE! (also in sidebar)
  • Looking for used equipment?  CLICK HERE to see what districts are selling! 

  • Equipment Reminder! Power up equipment before special program dates to ensure things are working properly. And change those remote batteries! 



SCKDLN Information

Member Information

Contact Information

IDL Class Information



Distance Learning

Content Programs


Professional Development


Facilitators (Login required)


Other Resources

Tools for the IDL Classroom 

Items for Sale



Videoconference Equipment  




Distance Learning Director: Audra Brownlee
Email: audrabrownlee@usd358.com
Call/Text: 620-440-2099


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