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Vanderbilt Virtual School

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Vanderbilt University Virtual School 


The website for Vanderbilt Virtual School is being completed for Fall, 2011, and lesson plans are being written for upcoming Fall videoconferences.  I wanted to give you an opportunity for “early bird” registrations for these upcoming videoconferences by sending you a list of all the videoconferences for Fall, 2011. Space is always limited, so go ahead and register early for these videoconference sessions. SCKDLN schools can register by filling out the online registration form located in the Sidebar in right column. 


FALL, 2011 – Videoconferences from Vanderbilt Virtual School

All sessions are 9:00 AM  and 10:00 AM (Central time) unless noted for one session only. Cost is $75 per session.

Grade levels are listed for each series. Space is always limited, so you may go ahead and register for any of these videoconference sessions.



CAREER CONVERSATIONS (for grades 7-12)

1. “Careers in Architecture”  - presenter: Krista Waitz  (Tuesday, September 27)

2. "Careers in Nursing" - presenter: Mary Ann Jessee  (Tuesday, October 4)

3. "Careers in City Planning" - presenter: Greg Johnson (Tuesday, October 18)

4. "Careers in Archeology" - presenter: Ben Nance  (Tuesday, October 25)

5. “Careers: Hot Jobs and Trends”  - presenter: Jan McKeel  (Tuesday, November 1)

6. "Careers in Law" - presenter: Matt Pietsch  (Tuesday, November 8)

7. “Career as a TV Weatherman/Meteorologist” - presenter: Charlie Neese 

    (Tuesday, November 29)


COUNTRIES AND CULTURES (for grades 4-12)

1. “Buffalo Bill Cody, the Wild West Show, and the Spirit of the West” - presenter: Estelle Condra  (Wednesday, October 19)

2. “ISRAEL”  -  presenter: Shaul Kelner  (Wednesday, October 26; 9 AM only)

3. “CUBA: Exodus from CUBA"  -  presenter: David Toledo  (Thursday, Nov. 3)

4. "Cherokee Heritage: The Trail of Tears" - presenter: Cherokee Heritage Center   (Wednesday, November 9)

5. “INDIA” – presenter: Harry Anderson (Wednesday, November 30)



1."Cycling Wangdoos"  -  the new book written and illustrated by presenter: Kelly Pulley   (Wednesday, Oct. 5)

(Kelly was with us last year for his first book, Ten Unusual Features of Lulu McDunn, and was well received by the students and teachers. His books have great lessons as well as being entertaining.)

2. “I Wanna Be Me” and “When I Am Quiet”  -  presenter: Joanne Miller (Wednesday, November 2)


MONEY (for grades 7-12)

1. “Global Debt Crisis: Understanding Our Financial Connections” – presenter: Turney Stevens  (Thursday September 29)

Economists suggest that there is a potential domino effect of sovereign debt contagion in possibly the following order:

Greece → Ireland → Portugal → Spain → Italy → UK→ USA. A failure by one of the latter 4 would be devastating for the world economy.


2. “Students, Money and the Dangers of Debt”  - presenter: Rachel Cruze, daughter of well known financial author and teacher, Dave Ramsey  (Thursday October 20)



1. “HANUKKAH” - presenter: Rabbi Saul Strosberg (Thursday, December 1) (for grades K-6)

2. "A Visit with SANTA"  - presenter: Jerry Raines (Wednesday. December 7) (for grades K-3)


For more about the Vanderbilt programs, please visit their website: Vanderbilt Virtual School



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