Naked Turkey Project

Turkey Project!


Grades: K-5

November 16-24, 2015

Deadline to register: October 31, 2015

Registration Form: CLICK HERE!

Cost: Free!



This project is a great holiday activity with your students! Partner with a school from another state to share unique and fun ideas how to disguise a turkey to make it through the holidays. Students will enhance their learning and stretch their imagination by writing and sharing fiction, analyzing characters, practicing informative writing, and building a knowledge base with interactive technology. 



1. Read the story "A Plump and Perky Turkey" by Lisa Bateman to your class as a whole group. If you cannot locate the book, see below for Youtube videos with the book that might help.
2. Each Student receives a copy of the "Naked Turkey" outline worksheet (download below). The students disguise or camouflage the turkey during class time or at home with their family. There is also a download to a parent letter. You will need to adjust the teacher name and date to return the finished turkey. 

3. Students fill in dialogue bubble. Can provide sentence starter if desired "I am not a turkey".... (this is optional depending on grade level)
4. When partner classes meet for their video conference, students will take turns sharing their turkeys. Older students can write a descriptive paper and the best 4 or 5 can share with the other class.

5. Once Turkey sharing is over, if time allows then students can share where they are from and ask questions about the other class. Think of questions that you would like to ask about the partner school prior to the connection date to get the kids thinking about where they are connecting to. 


Naked Turkey Outline Worksheet: naked_turkey outline.doc

Letter Home: Turkey Family Letter.doc

Examples: Examples Decorated Turkeys.doc


For those that might not have a copy of The Plump & Perky Turkey, there is a reading of the book found on YouTube: or If these links do not work, go to and search for Plump and Perky Turkey.