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Student IDL Contract

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Student Code of Conduct Policy


As the undersigned student of record in a SCKDLN course, I understand and accept the Student Code of Conduct Policy and agree to abide by the policies and procedures established by the Governing Board of SCKDLN. I agree that:


  1. Insubordination of any kind (behaviors or happenings that disrupt or interfere with teaching or learning) will not be tolerated in SCKDLN classrooms;

  2. Language or gestures generally agreed upon as suggestive, derogatory or abusive in nature will not be tolerated;

  3. I can be recorded (visual or audio) at any time without specific pre-warning;

  4. I will position myself in the classroom to be in camera view at all times;

  5. I will not manipulate equipment in the classroom in the classroom without express direction from supervisors or instructors;

  6. I will conform to any additional rules as specified orally or in writing by the instructor;

  7. Special Conditions:



Further, I understand that if I am found to be in violation of any of the policies listed above, I will be subject to the following disciplinary action:


FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal or written warning from instructor followed by parental notification of the infraction through written letter. The warning will be delivered to the student using procedures that assure student privacy. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the student’s principal.


SECOND OFFENSE: The student will be removed from the class until such time that a conference of parents, student instructor and principal offers assurance that the misconduct will not reoccur.


**Severe Misconduct, including damage or defacing equipment or facilities, threats, violent behavior or intent or repeated policy violation, including drug, alcohol or narcotic policy violation may result in permanent removal from the class. The student may be subject to loss of full or partial credit for course work.


This SCKDLN enrollment contract does not supersede policies of provisions for student conduct recognized by the student’s place of official enrollment.




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